Philippe Lebeau



Professional Status

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About Me

W. Shakespeare


Dubbing author-adapter

for dubbing companies as : Nice Fellow, TVS, Libra Films, Télétota, Dubbing Bros, Alter Ego
Since September 1999
  • Translation and synchronization of english, german or other foreign movie scripts, primary step for all major TV shows and films to be dubbed in french
  • Author of the french dialogs of : 24, Cold Case, Sherlock, Luther, Hatufim-P.O.W. CSI Miami, Nikita, Rome, XIII...

Voice actor

Imagine, Audiophase, Vidéo Adapt, La Marque Rose, Gédéon...
Since February 1987
  • Narration, voice-over, radio advertising, radio readings of dramas
  • Arte, National Géographic, Planète, TF1, Histoire, France Culture

Public reader

Les Livreurs
Since May 2004
  • Public readings in theaters, auditoriums, concert halls, schools, libraries, and many other public places
  • Voice and reading coaching for students and adults, in partnership with Université Paris La Sorbonne

Live actor/singer

Theater, opera
Since September 1985
  • Cinq minutes, pas plus !
  • Le retour de Monsieur Leguen
  • Le Grumeau, comedies by J.-C. Barc, théâtre d'Edgar, 1994-1996
  • L'Indien sous Babylone, by J.-C. Grumberg, théâtre du Lucernaire, 1988
  • Moses und Aron, by A. Schönberg, théâtre du Châtelet, 1995
  • Gotterdämerung, by Wagner, théâtre du châtelet, choir, 1994


Actor's studio

Le Studio Jack Garfein, Paris
January 1992 to June 1992

Techniques for the actor and director through famous Lee Strasberg's method with Jack Garfein's intensive class

Lyric singing, barytone

Conservatoire National de Région de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés
October 1990 to December 1996

Operatic singing techniques by famous opera singer and teacher Mrs Mady Mesplé. (6 years)

Performing Arts

Laurent Azimioara theater school, Paris
September 1989 to September 1990

Basics of acting by studying Tchekov's masterpieces